Parker House makes front page of the Anniston Star

Megan and baby Eleanor

The Anniston Star on Monday featured the Parker House Bed and Breakfast on the front page with a wonderful full color image and related story.

The Anniston Star no longer has the article... if we find it, we'll post it.

The Star also created an online gallery of images of our home, some of which were featured in the newspaper article as well.

Laura Camper, a staff writer at the Star came to our home and interviewed Megan and Scott for the story. Laura describes the year-and-a-half handshake agreement we had with the Lindsey’s to purchase the home, a little about the age and history of the house, and how we migrated from Atlanta to start the B&B.

A nice thing about the article is that Laura interviewed Millie English who used to run the English House B&B in Jacksonville, AL.  Millie gave us some encouraging words, and it felt like a “passing of the torch” to us, and I really appreciated the good will.

If there is one thing I’d change about the article, it would be to describe our journey to purchase the Parker House as a “calling” rather than a “dream.”  I definitely feel like God has told me to bring my family here and serve people out of this home.  How do I know I was called?  That’s a long enough story for a separate post.  Why would God call me to start a B&B?  I don’t know.  It matches our skills and experience, but basically I don’t think our place is to question a calling, but to take action to follow God’s will wherever it leads you.  And, hey, this isn’t a bad gig!